Thursday, August 30, 2007

Week 9: Podcasts, Video & Downloadable audio

I am very experienced with you tube and they have some great videos here is one of my favorites:

Podcasts are a very innovative way to broadcast information insead of having to read a lecture you can listen or watch a podcast. My siblings are homeschooled and they watch a podcast or almost every lesson. There is a proffessor that gives a lecture via podcast and its like having a teacher there in front of you.

I found that i really like the downloadable audiobooks. i never really listened to books on tape or cd because i thought that they would not be able to hold my attention while driving. I convinced my dad to download one onto his mp3 player and he loves it!!!

I think that this program helped to inform me about all different kinds of technology and things that i would never play with before i learned how to use. My favorite part was posting my favorite you tube video, lol, and playing with flicker.

Week 8: Online Applications & Tools

I like the online applications like Google docs. I like the fact that you dont have to download anything or have anything on your operating system like microsoft word. It is very easy to use and it has sreadsheets and stuff also....way cool!!!

My favorite thing in the web 2.0 awards was....the GAMES of course lol. I love playing online games and finding new addicting ones evry day :) This was a very good games site and im already addicted to the fleabag vs. mutt game...its great!!! lol

Week 7: Wikis

I think that in general wikis are a good idea but in reality the fact that anyone can go in and change or add to the information is a good thing and bad. People who actually know what they are talking about could change it for the better but if someone just wanted to mess around they could get into it and just add random information that might not be true or factual.

Week 6: Tagging, Folksonomies & Technorati

Tagging is something i am very familar with. When i was using fliker it was fun to look things up by using tags. Using tags is a good idea although you must keep in mind that people are putting their own tags on photos and such so if you put "dogs" in as a search word you might come with all sorts of photos lol.

In technorati i looked up learnning 2.0 as suggested in the discovery excercise and found some interesting blogs about other poeple doing the same 23 things. Its interesting to see what other people are blogging about.

After reading the "Away From Iceburgs" perspective about 2.0 i can say that i agree comletely about libraries and how we have "just in case" collections for patrons that might so happen to want to check out 30 books on how to disect every type of insect imagineable lol.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Week 5: Play week

The online image generator was fun the one i liked the most was flickr's because it was more user friendly. I tried to work with Letter James and found it confusing and not so much fun.

Yahoo! Avatars U.K. & Ireland

I made an account on librarything and found it an okay site but i honestly don't have that much time to read anymore so maybe this will get me back up on my reading. Its going to take some time to add to my library.

I like the idea of Rollyo but i think its too much work to just try and create your own search engine. I think its much easier to just use google. I dont search very often for general things online i usually have a specific site i go to.

Week 4: Merlin

I added Merlin to my feeds in my bloglines account and its interesting keeping up with library news. I found that the easiest thing to use for ooking up feeds and such is Feedster or I am mostly interested in news not blogs so i just searched by news feeds in feedster.

Week 4: RSS Feeds

I made myself a bloglines account and have started to add feeds. I found that this really is a great way to save time. Instead of having to go to different news sites you can just look at the headlines and pick which ones you want to read. One of the feeds, unshelved, a comic about the library, i found really makes me laugh because it is SO true. I also subscribed to fox news and the baltmore examiner. as well as a few others. Here is a link to my bloglines account.